Squanacook Cooperative
A United Natural Foods Buying Club
in Townsend, Massachusetts


The Squanacook Cooperative is a once-a-month cooperative buying club in Townsend, Massachusetts. We've been providing high-quality packaged goods and refrigerated and frozen food to families in Townsend and surrounding communities since 1992.

Our coop runs almost entirely online: via the Web, a Google Group, and personal email.

Wholesome Food

Our primary supplier is United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) in Chesterfield, New Hampshire. United Natural Foods is one of the nation's largest natural food distributors.

Through United, we have access to many products that would otherwise be difficult to find, including items for just about any diet including gluten-free and lactose-free. In addition to staples like rice, beans, and flour, which can be bought in bulk, we also choose from a full range of organic, natural and minimally processed grocery products. There are over 65,000 items in all, ranging from packaged goods of all kinds to dairy products, frozen entrees, dried fruits, beverages, snacks, personal hygiene products, vitamins and supplements, and environment-friendly household cleaning products.


We order on a 4-week cycle. Orders are placed online, with payment (by check) on delivery day.

See the Schedule page for a detailed description of our ordering process.


Two or more members can share bulk items and items that are available only by the case.

A “splits list” is created anew each month on the UNFI website. An individual member who doesn't want to order a whole case of an item puts that item on the splits list. Then other members can specify how many they'd like. When the total quantity reaches the case count, the case is ordered. Each member is charged for their share of the case.

Splits are a great way to try new items.

Delivery & Distribution

Delivery and distribution is currently on Wednesday morning. (The time and day of delivery are subject to change by UNFI.) Delivery time notification is sent by email on Tueday evening. The delivery time can be checked online: click the "Arrive" button at the top of any UNFI Customer Portal page (login required).

Orders are delivered, sorted and distributed at the Townsend Meeting Hall at 14 Dudley Road (between the Senior Center and the Public Library). Use the driveway off Rt. 13, and follow the signs to the Library.

The UNFI truck typically arrives between 9:00 am and noon, but this can vary, especially during the winter.

All members who have placed an order are expected to be at delivery. Members help with unloading the truck, dividing the order, and checking that each household’s order has been filled correctly.


For more information, see our page of Frequently Asked Questions.

Join Us

If you're interested in finding out more about the Squanacook Coop, send an email to info@squanacook.org. Our new member coordinator will contact you.